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Meet Aramide

My name is Aramide (pronounced AH-RAH-ME-DAY). I am a heart-moving story-teller. My goal is to tell stories that open people’s hearts and minds to the truth, which influences decision making. This comes to play in my work as an Advanced Analytics professional, when I pick up a microphone to sing, when I pick up a pen to create, and of course, when I develop content for this treasure trove called ‘Cedars.

Aramide Kehinde

Ces’t Moi!

So why curate a platform like this? The answer is simple. I fell in love. As a college student, I explored what I thought was freedom. I lived as I wanted, and chose to worship (or not worship) as I wanted. But all I got at the end of my freedom journey was a gaping whole in my frantic heart.

One night, I cried out for help and only one person could respond to my cry in just the way that I needed. This was the love I encountered; and I found it in Jesus Christ. Likewise, I found a life of purpose – the life of a cedar. Do your research and you’ll find that in ancient days, the cedar trees of Lebanon were the bedrock of society – enriching nations, setting foundations for grand palaces, and nourishing their environments. In our day, I see cedars as people who have discovered a life of impact and are living it whole-heartedly.

‘Could this be possible?’ someone may ask. In a world where many may consider Jesus to just be a historical figure, is it possible for someone to say she fell in love with Him and found a life of meaning in Him?

My answer is yes. This has been my story over the years. I have gone from college student to business professional, from single to married, from whole to broken and back, and Jesus has remained relevant through every season of my life. I continue to meet others who have stories like mine. People who may have veered off the path at some point, but have experienced Jesus take what He found of their lives and propel them to a life of relevance.

This is the place where I share our story.

Sometimes I get to Travel


Life has me seeing and retreating in some unique cities at times…