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Whatcha Eating This Christmas?

I write on a lighter note today. I’ve been christened ‘woman of the house’ this Christmas. One of the things this entails is being in charge of all things food for the day. So I’m stationed in the kitchen, while others in the house muse over video games or sing songs praising Jesus (Yay!). And so, […]

When God Healed My Blood Disease III

Continued from When God Healed My Blood Disease II The Results It had been almost two months since I got the diagnosis. I was now able to walk and take care of myself, but my body was still recovering. My blood counts had been skirting around the normal range, but they were not quite there; […]

When God Healed My Blood Disease II

Continued from When God Healed My Blood Disease I The Supernatural Here I was, battling a blood disease. Scary things happened along the way; but at every moment, God gave me assurance that He was always with me. I had gotten to a point where I was too weak to take care of myself. I rose […]

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