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The Girl With the Barely There Clothes

Many times on my social media scrolling journey, I’ve encountered the sight of a young woman. She’s the girl with the the barely-there clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. Sometimes in her skin tight dresses, she turns her back side to the camera, as if to say, “Let them see how good I’ve got it.” And when a photo isn’t good enough, she creates a video; a live reel of her sexuality, saved forever in cyberspace. 

Though she may not admit it, her desire is for someone to express his need for what she has to offer. So, she settles for playing ‘show and tell’ with her body online. She means to tell the world that she’s free…liberated. But she has no idea that the very act of posting those images betrays her. Rather than a free bird, the world sees a young woman that is yet to understand her value and power. Dear lady, allow me to recall something you’ve forgotten about who you are. Or maybe you’ve never known it.

Imagine a man leading the love of his life through a lush garden that he’s prepared for her. He takes her by the hand, pointing at the flowers he’s planted and the nooks that he designed with her in mind. Finally, he turns to her and says, “This is all yours. Own it and beautify it in the way that only you can.”  

When God brought you into the world, He had the very same idea in mind. He planned to give you spheres of influence to own and beautify in a way that only you can. He wanted you to speak over them and watch things happen according to your words. God wanted you to be powerful from the very beginning. Simply put, He wanted you to have a place of prominence in the world. A place where you don’t have to reveal your body for people to notice you.

But something happened in your heart at some point in your life’s journey. Whatever it was, it led you to buy into the myth that revealing your body is an expression of your freedom. Your pictures may get a lot of ‘likes’ and ‘loves’, but all it is is lust. What you do in effect is subject your power to satisfy the sexual desires of many strangers. And so, every time you post a suggestive picture…every time you dress to excite lustful eyes, heaven weeps. Heaven weeps because you present an image of yourself that is inferior to the one God intended for you.

Don’t be fooled by the media and its rampant portrayal of hyper-sexual women. They may get a lot of attention but none of it stems from love. Like every woman in the world, true love is what you want. You want the love that knows and understands the depths of your heart. The love that will see only you, even in a crowd of many millions. You want the love that sees you as worthy of every sacrifice made. Believe it or not, that love has been available to you from the very beginning.

Love has always desired to capture your heart. He’s had His eyes on you throughout the course of time. Before your life began, Love saw a specific need in the world that only someone like you could fulfill; so He designed you specially to meet that need. Love’s desire is that you’d awaken to see the need you were created for, and run after it with your hands in His. You’ve been chasing after ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ from strangers, but you haven’t realized that real love has always been chasing after you.

In case you don’t know, that Love is Jesus Christ. He is the Love that sacrificed his life for the sake of the world. And He did so because of His passion to have our hearts. When I found Love, He washed me, clothed me, and beautified me. Then He began to lead me through the garden He created for me before time began. I only write to invite you to take His hand and begin to own your garden. Truly awaken to the Love that has been waiting for you to come near.

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