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The Girl With the Barely There Clothes

Many times on my social media scrolling journey, I’ve encountered the sight of a young woman. She’s the girl with the the barely-there clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. Sometimes in her skin tight dresses, she turns her back side to the camera, as if to say, “Let them see how good I’ve got […]

The Curse of the Female Clique

I had an amazing dream recently. It was set in the past with a large group of young women I had grown up with. We were celebrating the end of a season in our lives, and the start of another. I remember having a conversation with one of the girls about writing a new song with a […]

2017 | Clarity & Courage

While 2017 is well on its way, permit me to tell the truth about my 2016. It was a year of swimming in unknown waters. Imagine that after some time walking out your journey of life, you reach a deep and mysterious sea. It’s the next phase of your life, and you need to cross […]

Confessions of a Worship Leader: The Lover

  I had heard of him, but I didn’t know him. I had heard he gave his life for me. But in my mind, he couldn’t possibly care about me. I was on earth, and he was, well…somewhere. Somewhere unreachable. Somewhere too sacred to behold. This was my idea of God. In my mind, he […]

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