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Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Other Man’s Suit

There I sat in the midst of a jeering audience as they enthusiastically responded to the young speaker standing before us. I watched him as he made jerky movements with his body to entertain his audience; and as he varied the tone of his voice like an engine to drive his point home. With all […]

When You See People As Monsters

When you shut the door of your heart And turn your back on others. When you refuse to let people in because if you do, They’ll surely stab you in the back. When you fail to show genuine love And keep your greetings to a brief and distant hello This is how you know that […]

It’s Busy Season…So I Reached For A Cigarette

  Lunch time at work. I bundled up in my winter coat and braced myself for Chicago’s frigid air. Anything to rest my eyes from the computer’s glaring lights. 5-4-3-2-1…Ding! The elevator opened its doors, welcoming me in to where a young lady stood, waiting to get downstairs as well. I had learned from an […]